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US Savings Bonds

Are They A Good Investment?


Chances are, even if you have never received a savings bond in your name or had anything to do with them, you probably have some idea of what a U.S. savings bond is. If not, it’s okay; they seem to be dwindling in popularity as of late, as fewer people are educated every day on the benefits of a U.S. Savings Bond. If you aren’t really sure what US savings bonds are and how they may or may not have a place in your life, read on for more information.

What is a U.S. Savings Bond?

Savings bonds are a type of long term investment that used to be rather popular. There are a whole slue of different types of savings bonds out there, but this type of savings bonds are by far the most reliable, being backed by the United States government in quality and guarantee, and that is something that definitely plays on the positive side of the U.S. savings bond. In all actuality, a savings bond of this type is actually a loan to the U.S. government and the bond itself is a guarantee that the ‘loan’ will be paid back in full after a set period of time during which the bond will mature.

Where Can US Savings Bonds Be Obtained?

If you are looking for a good savings bond, the best place to get one would probably be from your local bank. Savings bonds can be purchased at a set amount for a set fee. Usually, the fee is half of the amount of the total value of the bond, so they are a fantastic way to save money for something long term without all of the fuss. This is why U.S. savings bonds have been determined to be a type of investment, and one of the most reliable and predictable ones at that. In short, the best place to start looking for a good U.S. savings bond would be your local bank.

How Long Before I Can Cash in My Bond?

The amount of time that a U.S. savings bond takes to mature depends on the bond and the amount, and when it was purchased. The higher the rate was at the time of the purchase, the faster the bond will reach maturity in which the bond can be cashed in for the whole amount it is worth. Usually these savings bonds take no longer than 20 years to mature, but they can collect interest for up to 30 years after the date of purchase.

Savings bonds are not the type of thing that everyone can get into. Some people want the type of investment that they can get a quick return on, and that is okay--just not good for U.S. savings bonds. However, this is a great way to get your feet wet as far as making investments go, and put some money away for a rainy day-- a rainy day in the next several years, that is.

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