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MarketClub Reviews


Is the smart money leaving a path in which intelligent software can easily pick up? MarketClub's Adam Hewison feels so.

I had a number of doubts, so I created this Market Club Review to take a look beneath the hood as it were to discover whether it was definitely worth the price of a membership. I want to see if clearly there was a straightforward tool that is going to allow for an investor to know when to get onboard the trend, while lowering the chance of loss.

10 Free Trading Lessons courtesy of Market Club

The Trade Triangle Technology runs on the concept that everything the smart money actually does is available on the stock graph and or chart. The thought being that although these expert traders are quietly accumulating, their actions show on the graph. Smart traders should look to jump in before the price moves significantly.

Which Type Of Investor Are You

Compared with nearly all black box options, Market Club accommodates different types of investors: short term trend traders, intermediate term traders and long term traders. There are a different list of entry and sell guidelines according to your approach to the stock market. Day trading isn't on the list of choices they have.

Market Update: Saturday, May 30, 2015

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The "Go Lights"

Based upon what the stock has been doing at the time, these lights will either be green or red. There's a thorough training video that clarifies this. Depending on the method of trader you happen to be, you continue with the green lights to go long, and red lights to go short.

The Charting Software

Those used to using stockcharts may not be satisfied when using the MarketClub charting platform. For those people that want a basic charting platform, this may perform nicely. No other investing software package certainly has their Trade Triangles, which inform you about when to go short, cash or long based on your own investment type.

An uncomplicated illustration: if you are a short term trend trader, simply find stocks where the weekly trade triangle goes green. Then wait for a daily trade triangle to go green -- that is your entry. When it is red, you go to cash. Whenever both weekly and the daily are red, go short.

A few of the other qualities with the charting service are:

  • Creating and saving watch lists
  • Automatic Fibonacci lines
  • One click switching between time frames
  • Trend line tool
  • Ability to add technical indicators
  • Adding and saving charting templates

There's also a "Talking Chart" component. Whenever you click on the button, a voice comes on which gives you a quick overview of the chart that you're taking a look at and the ways to trade it. Quite a few think it's really cool - it didn't do a lot for me.

My Review

Overall, I like this service. The trading methodology is not merely sound, but tested. I've been using MarketClub since 07 and have become happy with the results. While the methodology gives buy indicators too late, it can make you stay in the trade for a longer length of time. Forget about getting shaken out.

The charting platform is flash based it can be a little "buggy" occasionally. I do like the "one click" switching between time frames as well as the intelligent Fibonacci tool. That tends to make research quick and hassle-free.

Adam Hewison also gives several instructional videos that are invaluable and worth the few minutes you will need to look at them.

Altogether, I'd personally strongly suggest MarketClub.

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