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Trading Strategies


Picking the right stock is only half the battle. You need to know when to buy, and more importantly, when to sell. We've put together a couple of tips and suggestions on how you can become a better investor and trader.

Basic Trading Tips

Strategic Plan For Investing - What's Your Personal Investment Plan?

Its so easy today to invest in the stock market. Place your order, press submit and you instantly can become a shareholder. Ask any officer of a publicly traded company, and they will tell you, they love when shareholders buy and hold. This helps the price of the stock retain its value (instead of selling their shares like everyone else, they hold, avoiding an even larger drop in share price). While you probably wouldn't consider driving downhill without brakes, why would you buy and hold onto a company that is losing you money? This is where an investment plan comes in.


Stocks & Technical Analysis

Yes you can trade better by recognizing chart patterns. We've put together some basic chart patterns and provide some examples to help you become a better trader.


Mutual Funds

Its tough getting financial advice from someone who isn't making money based on their suggestions. We're different! We've put together some suggestions on what you should know before you decide to invest in mutual funds. Are they the best investment vehicle for you?  Perhaps there is still too much risk, or perhaps there isn't enough.


Intermediate Trading Tips

ETF's - Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds, also known as ETFs, are index funds traded on the major stock exchanges just like stocks. An index fund involves a collection of securities, much like mutual funds, except that ETFs differ from mutual funds in some distinctive ways. They are traded like stocks but investors get the benefit of diversification in their investments bundled into one security. However, where mutual funds have a net asset value, or NAV, that is calculated daily, ETFs experience fluctuations in price throughout the course of the day. You also have the opportunity to purchase just one share and the expense ratios tend to me lower than with a mutual fund.


Advanced Trading Tips

Trading In Futures

Investing in futures markets have been described as continuous auction markets and as clearing houses for the latest information about supply and demand. They are the meeting places of buyers and sellers of an ever-expanding list of commodities that today includes agricultural products, metals, petroleum, financial instruments, foreign currencies and stock indexes. Trading has also been initiated in options on futures contracts, enabling option buyers to participate in futures markets with known risks.

Stock Options Markets

Like using margin to buy stocks, options contracts can provide amazing leverage. Like forex, for a small amount of money, an options trader can secure for themselves a very large position.


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